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In February 1964, a SMALL group meets, or 30 olivareros farmers in order to establish the olive cooperative Virgen de La Victoria. approved statutes and appointing a Governing Board.

Time goes by and is already in a & TODDLER 1967 when the cooperative begins to function effectively olive recepcionando later be & aacute; as grist for RIVER the first oils of this cooperative now called Virgen de la Torre.

In this cooperative olive varieties TODDLER Mars is ground;. A, Picual, Hojiblanca and ocal

A lot have changed since that start to our d & iacute; as, has gone from molturaci & oacute; n by tamping olive large blocks of stones joined together revolved round by grinding olives and subsequent pressing in hydraulic presses & aacute; ulicas in which baskets piled with the mass obtained from the molturaci & oacute; n.

The farmer shifted the clean and olives from the farm to the mill packaged in a heavy sacks were emptied once THROUGH eacute; s of tapes in receiving grim. Millers gang led by master mill were responsible for realizing the above-described to obtain a quality oil that has been process and still character & iacute; stica of this cooperative.